Monday, August 29, 2016

The Perfect Balance

I got to work very early this morning and before officially starting the day I checked my personal email like I usually do.  I was surprised to find that sissy had already sent out the Daily Chastity Report.  She usually send it out a bit later but she's probably pretty proud that she's spent the entire month of August locked up in her Holy Trainer.

A quick glance at the report showed beautiful kelly green entries on most days to indicate my orgasms a very lonely pink entry noting the orgasm sissy had while wearing her Holy Trainer on Saturday night.  The disparity in the numbers appears to be perfect for us.

I also took a moment to go back and see how many orgasms I've let sissy have this year.  I was surprised to find out she's already had eleven.  It's not a hard and fast rule but I've tried to keep her orgasms to no more than one per month.

I've obviously slipped up.  I suppose with love comes leniency, and my sissy has been the beneficiary of my shortcomings.

To get back on track (one orgasm per month or a total of twelve for the year) she would have a sole orgasm remaining for the rest of the year.  That might be just a wee bit too harsh.

If I only allow her one more, the least I could do is let her have it at the time of her choosing. 

Something like this coupon would work nicely. 

However, I'm not that mean.  Why should she pay for my mistakes?  I'm the one who lost count.  That being said, the new "ceiling" for sissy's orgasms for 2016 is being set at fifteen.  That gives her one more each month to look forward to. 

I won't have any such "ceiling."

It's the only way to maintain what looks to me as "the perfect balance."


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Satisfying Wifey

Guess what I did tonight?

She needed it.  I could tell.

When she starts begging, I begin to feel bad.

I'm not a very good Domme.  If I were, I wouldn't give in to her desires.

Instead, I capitulated and fucked her brains out.

The Holy Trainer was a mess, full of her sissy juices.

"I love how you fuck me" she said afterwards.

It made me feel good.

Then she said "You're a natural with a strap-on."

What the hell does that mean?


Friday, August 26, 2016

Sissy Fridays

When both our "schedules" are full with mostly vanilla flavored things, there's not much cuckolding going on and little else to report.

Let's chastity for the month is at 100% with only a few days left.  Of course, that doesn't count time out of the Holy Trainer for hygiene.  My 100% scores are clearly helped by Diane's benevolence and understanding, as well as Her usual supervision of my time out!

Diane's orgasm count for the month (21 through yesterday) continues to mount while mine is stagnant.  "As it should be" She says.  Paul agrees.

No pedicure for Linda this weekend because of some other commitments we have, but She's already made her appointment for next Saturday.  Of course the appointment is just a formality.  i don't have any other "clients" and she knows i would be there on a moment's notice if i could.

So with little else to report, let me just share a few of my favorite things....

Vintage pink sleepwear....

Pink babydolls with dots....

Polka dotted panties with bows...

Pretty pink skirts....

And just being a sissy wife....


sissy terri

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Little Celebration

Last night just before bedtime, Diane mentioned to me that soon after She posted here yesterday She moved the "Total Page Vies"gadget on our blog to a more prominent place on the top of the page.  When asked why She did it, She let me know that at some point today, our blog was going to hit five million page views.

my best guess is that sometime shortly before 4 AM this morning, one of our loyal readers became the 5 millionth viewer of this blog since we first started posting in January 2012. 

i hadn't given it much though and kind of forgotten that we were getting close to that number. 

Whoever Mr. or Ms. "5 Million" is, we want to thank you very much for being a reader of this blog.  And equally special thanks go out to all the other 4,999,999 viewers who have helped us reach this level.

More thanks go out to those who leave comments.  Your thoughts are always welcome and we encourage you to share them whenever you can.

i'm hoping Diane has at least a little bit of "celebrating" in mind when She gets home today.

By tomorrow, the page view gadget will be back in its rightful place...somewhere at the bottom of the blog.


sissy terri

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Couldn't Help Myself....

My "Accomodating a Petite Penis"  post  last week drew a healthy twenty-one comments.  It's probably not a record for this blog but I'm sure it ranks right up there.  It's always nice to know what people are interested in talking about.

I'll have to remember that the next time conversation at a cocktail party gets pretty dull. 

A couple of comments might be considered nasty if they weren't so puerile and just plain imbecilic. 

That being said, when Ms. Catherine from A Mistress and Her Sissy sent me this picture yesterday, I just couldn't help myself...

In her email to me Cathy wrote "I feel your pain!"

Well Cathy, I feel your pain as well....but not much else :)


Monday, August 22, 2016

Collar Time?

"I love it!" Linda proclaimed when she first saw my collar.

i was expecting something more along the lines of "What's with the collar?" or "Who's idea was that?"

Instead she let her feelings known right away which immediately put me at ease.  Linda did follow up with a question, wondering if i had just put on the collar or worn it on the way.  Instead of giving her a verbal response i just turned around to show her the little brass lock on the back of the collar.

"Wow.  Diane's getting pretty serious isn't she?" Linda giggled.

There was true surprise in her voice.  Before then i'd wondered if Diane had called Linda to give her a head's up about the collar.  From her reaction it's doubtful she knew anything about it.

Linda went on to inspect the collar and noted the three rings it had.  There was one in the front and one on each side, all equidistant from each other. 

"Interesting possibilities with those rings" Linda laughed.  "I hope this doesn't interfere with your ability to give me a nice pedicure." 

It didn't.  Before long, i was on my knees in front of her and skillfully applying the shade of polish she had chosen and a coat of lacquer. 

By the time i got back home Diane and Linda had already spoken by phone so Diane was fully aware of Linda's pleasant reaction to my collar.  The collar stayed on until it was time for bed.

A few things were notable about what took place on Saturday:

  • First was Diane's insisting that i be collared.  Her spontaneous decision earlier this week to have me collared in front of Paul seems to have rekindled Her interest in the collar.  She's enjoying it.  It has me wondering how long this interest will continue.
  • Second was wearing the locked collar to and from Linda's.  i didn't have the key to take it off so if anything would have happened like an accident, i'd have both the collar and my Holy Trainer on.  Nothing life threatening as each can be easily removed by professional first responders if necessary, but certainly cause for embarrassment.
  • Finally there was my being collared in front of Linda and what type of message was Diane trying to send.  Just when it appears that Linda is privy to nearly everything, Diane adds one more glimpse into the depths of my submission.

sissy terri 

P.S.  - In response to the questions Mick posed in his comment of yesterday...1) Linda did not have an improvised leash (i wonder if it crossed her mind?) and 2) She does read it, though i'm not sure how often.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Short Leash

Having my sissy in a collar the other day while Paul was here wasn't anything I had planned ahead of time.  After Paul had told terri to take off all her clothes the idea suddenly sprung into my head.  Her collar, panties and of course the Holy Trainer were all she wore.  Knowing she was collared turned me on some and made the session a bit more desirable.

Over the years we've accumulated quite a few bondage toys including several collars.  Our infrequent use of these toys is a reflection of my preferences for other types of domination.  If I'm in the mood to put terri into bondage it's likely to be something pretty mild.

But on Wednesday afternoon my interest in the collar was rekindled.  She looked (and was) so subservient in the pink collar with its three rings as she tended to the two of us.  In the middle of the session just as Paul was beginning to make love to me, I thought how sexy it would be if both of us had a leash attached to our sissy's collar.

The collar came out again yesterday.  I put the collar on her just before she left to give Linda a pedicure.  She was a bit hesitant at first.  Going out in public with a collar isn't something I would normally make her do.   But the drive to Linda's is just under five miles in relatively low traffic.  While driving her car, it was unlikely anyone would see her.

Everything went off without a hitch.  Linda enjoyed seeing terri in her pink collar and was pleased with her pedicure.  While driving to and from Linda's sissy doesn't believe anyone saw the collar.   It was a pretty low risk public display of D/s.

When you don't have a leash that's five miles long, a collar and chastity are probably the next best things.